Warmest California Beaches

by Nick

Long Beach, California<br><small>Photo: © Joan Linwood</small>

Long Beach, California
Photo: © Joan Linwood

Question: My wife and I are planning a California beach vacation and are looking for warm or hot temperatures and ocean water warm enough to swim in. We would like to lie out on the beach, soak up some rays and just relax. Where can we find this?

Answer: As you would expect, the warmest temperatures (both air and water) can be found in Southern California.

Water temperatures vary in different locations by a few degrees, with Newport Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and San Diego being the warmest. By August, the water at these beaches averages 68-70 degrees. In June, the range is 62-66 degrees, with Newport Beach and Dana Point being the warmest.

The warmest air temperatures are in Long Beach (which averages a high of 81 degrees in August) and Laguna Beach (at 78 degrees in August). San Diego and Oceanside are a bit cooler (74-75 in August).

For maximum warmth, plan your vacation for August, to Long Beach or Laguna Beach. If you go earlier in the summer, try Newport Beach or Dana Point if the warmer water is important to you.

Since your goal is to relax, I should mention that Laguna Beach holds their Festival of the Arts in July and August, and the traffic can be a bit irritating then. Newport Beach and Santa Monica Beach can also get crowded. Crowds thin out considerably on weekdays, however.


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