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You'll find an endless variety of things to do at Laguna Beach California. Or do nothing at all. There's seven miles of sandy beach to explore, with some 30 public beaches and coves. You can get in on the action at Main Beach or Heisler Park, or grab some quiet time at one of the many tiny secluded coves.

There are tidepools to explore, and plenty of beaches for surfing, diving, swimming and skimboarding. Volleyball, basketball, sunbathing, whale and bird watching, boogie boarding and kayaking are all popular activities here.

Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Visitors & Conference Bureau

Laguna Beach boasts a series of parks perched atop coastal bluffs, where you can enjoy stunning views of the coastline and watch migrating whales. And the beaches bordering the downtown area are within easy walking distance of Laguna's famous galleries and shops, and the Laguna Art Museum, which is located next to Heisler Park.

Beaches are listed from north to south.

Heisler Park

View from Heisler Park  Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Visitors & Conference Bureau

This park is the crown jewel of Laguna Beach. Located on the bluffs, Heisler Park features spectacular ocean views, wide expanses of lawn, palm trees and landscaping, lawn bowling, a shuffleboard court, and a gazebo. You'll find paved walkways perfect for strolling and taking in the view. It's a popular spot for weddings and family picnics.

Restrooms are wheelchair-accessible, and outdoor showers are available. There's metered parking, or park along residential streets for free. A walkway at the south end of the park will take you to Main Beach.

Heisler Park offers access to two popular beaches:

Picnic Beach:  This small beach features rocky areas that are great for exploring tidepools and skin and scuba diving, but submerged rocks are a hazard for swimmers and body surfers. Skimboarding is not allowed. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months.

Take the paved ramp located at the north end of Heisler Park, near Myrtle Street.

Rockpile Beach:  This small cove is somewhat isolated and uncrowded. As the name implies, the ocean floor is rocky in this area, making it difficult to get into and out of the water. Swimming is not allowed here, but surfing and tidepooling are popular activities. This is one of Laguna Beach's three designated surfing areas, and the southern end of the beach has some of the biggest waves in Laguna.

Take the stairs located in the south end of Heisler Park, near Jasmine St.

Main Beach

Playing basketball at Main Beach  Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Visitors & Conference Bureau

Here we come to the heart of Laguna Beach, easily recognizable from the landmark Lifeguard Tower. This sandy beach is a whirlwind of activity, with basketball (two courts), volleyball (several courts), smashball, and even chess. There are picnic tables, a grassy area, a children's play area, and protected tide pools.

This is a great spot to take a stroll on the sinuous boardwalk winding along the beach. It's a popular spot for swimming and body surfing, but board surfing is not permitted here. Diving and snorkeling are good in the Marine Refuge offshore. Bicycling and roller skating are also popular activities. Fishing is allowed.

Restrooms and outdoor showers are located at the north and south ends of the beach; the restrooms on the south end are wheelchair-accessible. Beach wheelchairs are available at the lifeguard headquarters on the north end.

The beach is located in the center of Laguna Beach, at Laguna Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway. You'll find plenty of shopping, galleries and eateries a short walk from the beach. There's no parking right at the beach, but there's metered parking nearby, and free on-street parking if you don't mind a short walk.

Street Beaches in Downtown Laguna Beach

Stretching for nearly a mile paralleling downtown Laguna, you'll find a series of beaches bordered by luxury homes, hotels and restaurants. The beaches are known by the streets that provide access.

You'll find good swimming, surfing, and diving spots here, and there are lifeguards. There are no restrooms, but you'll find facilities of one sort or another close by. Metered parking is available at most locations.

You'll find paths and/or stairs to the beach at:

  • Sleepy Hollow Lane - swimming and surfing
  • Cleo St.
  • St. Ann's Dr. - surfing, skimming
  • Thalia St. - with wheelchair-accessible viewing platform and bench - surfing, skimming
  • Anita St.
  • Oak St. - with wheelchair-accessible viewing platform and bench
  • Brooks St. - popular surfing spot, skimming

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