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This Laguna Beach picture page will give you a good feel for what this small coastal community is all about. Beautiful beaches, a charming village, and art everywhere!

Take a look for yourself.

View of Main Beach from Heisler Park

View of Main Beach looking south from Heisler Park.

Lifeguard Tower on Main Beach

Lifeguard tower at Main Beach.

This tower began its life as part of a 1930's gas station. When the station was demolished, the tower was moved across the street to its current spot as a Laguna Beach landmark.

Surfing in Laguna Beach
Volleyball on Main Beach

These Laguna Beach pictures show only a few of the activities popular at Laguna's many beaches and coves.

Surfing at Brooks St. Beach

Volleyball at Main Beach

Laguna Beach outdoor sculpture
Art Bench in Heisler Park

Laguna Beach outdoor scuptures.

Even park benches are a work of art. Since 1998, the city has held an annual competition for its Artist Designed Bench Program. On the right is one of these artistic benches in Heisler Park. Others include a whimsical seashell settee and a quartet of giant eucalyptus pods.

Laguna outdoor sculpture

Greeter's Corner

The Greeter's Corner

The tradition of the Laguna Beach Greeter began way back in the 1880's, when Old Joe Lucas began waving to visitors. The torch was passed to Eiler Larsen, who was honored by the city in 1963 as "Laguna's Official Greeter and Goodwill Ambassador."

Larsen would stand on the corner of Forest Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway waving and calling hellos to passers-by. He was quite a sight in his red coat, gray beard and flowing hair. He is now immortalized for his 40 years of greetings with a statue that stands in front of the Greeter's Corner Restaurant.

The tradition continues with a new greeter, known only as Number One, who took up the Greeter's mantle in 1981.

The gate you see here was erected in 1935, with its silent greeting, "This gate hangs well and hinders none, refresh and rest, then travel on."

The Gazebo in Heisler Park

The gazebo in Heisler Park, overlooking Main Beach. This is a popular spot for beach weddings.

Clock on Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach visitor tram

The clock on Forest Avenue, in the "village" of Laguna Beach.

One of the city's Visitor Trams. On the First Thursday evening of every month, the city provides free shuttle service to area galleries, and free admission to Laguna Art Museum.

Laguna Beach Pictures courtesy of Laguna Beach Visitor & Conference Bureau

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