Good weekend spot in February

Question: Due to weather, etc. where would be a good place to stay in mid February?

Answer: I don't think you can go wrong with San Diego at any time of year. Mind you, winter is the rainy season in California, but San Diego is drier than most places along the coast, and the temperatures are mild even in February. The average maximum temperature in February is 67 degrees (F). Average low is 51.

San Diego is a beautiful city, with plenty of things to do, even in the winter. And if you're unfortunate enough to visit on one of the few rainy days, there are a variety of indoor activities -- shopping, museums, and the like.

That said, the rest of the Southern California coast is only slightly colder and wetter than San Diego. Even as far north as Santa Barbara the weather is relatively pleasant in the winter months. For instance, Santa Barbara averages highs of 66 degrees in February, with lows of 46 degrees. But the possibility of rain is also greater there.

But for the absolutely positively best weather during the winter months, it has to be San Diego.

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