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California Beaches and Parks

California beaches offer a variety of activities and moods. From the wild, scenic beaches of Northern California to the sunny, playful beaches of the South Coast, there's something for everyone.

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Point Reyes Beaches

Point Reyes beaches offer drama, wildlife, and recreation. You'll find places to go kayaking, swimming, tidepooling and beachcombing. Some of the beaches allow dogs on a leash.

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Alcatraz Prison Tours

Alcatraz Prison is a must-see San Francisco Attraction. Get the details on tours, tickets and what to expect when visiting.

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San Francisco Tourism Guide

San Francisco consistently ranks high as a tourist destination for a very simple reason. It’s one exciting city! Find out why with this San Francisco tourism guide.

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Good weekend spot in February

Question: Due to weather, etc. where would be a good place to stay in mid February? Answer: I don't think you can go wrong with San Diego at any time

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Winter Weather in Santa Monica

Question: What is the weather typically like in Santa Monica in February? My hotel is a few blocks from the beach and I was wondering if it would be warm

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Pelican State Beach: A Serene Northern California Vacation Spot

You can relax and unwind on this quiet, scenic Northern California beach. Enjoy the view from oceanfront lodging, do a bit a surf fishing, or just enjoy some solitude at Pelican State Beach.

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Where is a Beautiful Peaceful Beach to Hide for 3 Days and Detox?

Question: I need to leave Sacramento with my 2 dogs and my out of control addiction to cocaine. I can't stop this runaway train and I need to get far

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Collecting Driftwood on Orange County Beaches

Question: Are there any restrictions to collecting drift wood on Orange County beaches? What are the beaches where you are allowed to collect drift wood

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Driftwood on California Beaches

Question: Where are the best beaches to find driftwood? We live in Redondo Beach but will be going up to San Francisco, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz

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Real On the Beach Camping in California

Question: I know there are campgrounds NEAR the beaches of Southern and Central California; some are separated by a fence or other barrier. I've been

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Best California City to Live In

Question: My husband and I are planning to relocate to California in 4 years after our son graduates h.s. We've briefly explored Santa Barbara as an

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Best California Beach for Swimming

Question: Which beach in California has the best swimming water and sand? Answer: Southern California has many good beaches for swimming. What you

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Manchester CA Beach

Question: Tell me about Manchester CA beaches. Answer: Manchester State Park features over 3 miles of sandy windswept beaches, sand dunes and grasslands.

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Driftwood Strewn Northern California Beaches

Question: I make really awesome driftwood and seashell decorations and I would like to know if you can tell me what beaches along the Northern California

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The Emptiest Southern California Beach

Question: What is the emptiest beach in Southern California? Table Rock? Answer: Table Rock Beach in south Laguna Beach would certainly be among the

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The 10 Best Things to do in California

Question: What are the best 10 things to do in California? Answer: Top 10 lists are always fun, and California is such a large and varied state that

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Kayaking at Caves below Dinosaur Park in Shell Beach

Question: Where is the easiest place to enter the ocean for kayaking at the caves below Dinosaur Park? Answer: Dinosaur Caves in Shell Beach (just

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Best Central California Beach Camping

Question: I'm headed down the coast from San Francisco to the Santa Barbara area and want to know where the best places are to beach camp. We don't want

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Romantic Northern California Vacation

Question: I want to take a romantic vacation in Northern California, but I'm not sure where to go. I would prefer it be quiet, and it has to be completely

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Northern California Beach Camping
and Bonfires

Question: Are there any beaches close to Sacramento where you can camp overnight and have bonfires? Answer: There are two places close to Sacramento

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and Bonfires"

Orange County California Family Resorts

Question: Going to Disneyland in October. Thinking of an add-on for a few nights at a beach-side resort. Looking for something family oriented, not

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Warm Exotic Bay Area Beaches

Question: What are some hot/warm and exotic beaches near Oakland, CA or San Jose, etc.? Answer: Warm exotic beaches aren't words usually associated

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Fall Swimming Weather at Southern California Beaches

Question: We are planning a vacation in early November 2011 around California, especially around Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Hollywood. Will we be

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Warm Central California Beaches

Question: Where would I find a beach with the warmest weather and water (warm enough to swim) on the Central California Coast, between Santa Barbara and

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Mendocino Beaches: Exploring the Best Scenic Northern California Beaches

Mendocino beaches are rugged, dramatic and beautiful. There are numerous rocky headlands and hidden coves along this section of the Northern California coastline, with miles of hiking trails to explor

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Exploring the Redwood Forest: The Biggest Attraction in Northern California

Scenic drives, a fern-walled canyon and drive-thru trees are just some of the attractions you’ll find in the redwood forest of Northern California.

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Northern California Beaches: List of Best California Beaches

Northern California beaches are scenic and wild. They are great for camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, surfing, and so much more. Or you can just relax and enjoy the scenery and the wildlife.

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Northern California Vacation Destinations

Wondering where to go on your Northern California vacation? Here are places where you can explore the redwood forest, relax in a cozy Victorian inn or take a ride on a vintage railroad.

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Northern California Beach Hotels

Question: I'm looking for somewhere to stay this weekend between Pacifica and Mendocino. I'd like somewhere right on the beach within driving distance

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