Blue Whale Pictures

These blue whale pictures show what you're likely to see if you're lucky enough to spot a blue whale. You'd think that the largest animal on the face of the earth would be easier to find. But blue whales are few in number (about 2,200 in California coastal waters) and move quickly.

You can see blue whales if you look in the right places. They can be found off the coast of California - around Monterey Bay, Big Sur and around the Channel Islands in the Santa Barbara Channel. They may hang about to feed from June through October.

The blue whale is, as the name implies, blue-gray in color, often mottled. In fact, individuals can be identified by their mottling patterns.

The blue whale picture below shows the blow plume, which is tall and straight. The blow is over 20 feet high and can even reach as much as 30 feet.

Blue Whale at Surface, Blowing

Photo courtesy of Cascadia Research Collective, NOAA

Blue Whale at Surface, Showing Two Blowholes

Photo Credit: Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Service

Aerial View of Blue Whale

Photo Credit: Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Service

Blue Whale's Dorsal Fin

Photo Credit: Alaska Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Service

This blue whale photo shows the dorsal fin, which is small and triangular. The size and shape of the fin varies quite a bit, but it's about a foot at its highest point.

Blue Whale's Favorite Food

Photo credit: NOAA Central Library Historical Fisheries Collection

These tiny crustaceans are fuel for the massive blue whale.  The larger shrimp-like creature is krill (euphausiid), and the smaller one is a copepod.  They are among the many species of plankton that are food for larger creatures.

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